Which WR would you rather keep?

I can keep Davante Adams for this year only, or I can keep Tyreek Hill and have him for 2 years. But it has to be 1 or the other. I have about 24 hours to decide. I have been trying to trade 1 of them but so far no takers.

I’d rather have Adams. Hill is a terrific player but he’s too unstable with boom bust weeks for me. If you’ve akready got others that are sure things then yeah keep Hill, otherwise it’s Adams for me.

I really want WR1 to be a sure and dependable guy.

If they were both for the same number of years it would be for sure adams, the only reason I am unsure is the extra year for hill. I also am keeping miles sanders josh jacobs and Nick chubb and I do have the 3rd pick so I should be able to get another good WR depending on who everyone else keeps.

I’d say keep Adams then and hope to draft hill at 3 or another comparable wr

Unfortunately can’t draft hill. League rule you can’t draft someone that you chose not to keep in the first round. It keeps the guy who has cmc and the first pick (no idea how he finished last) from just dropping him and restarting his 5 year clock. Guys are on a 5 year contract

That’s a bummer. Do you know who might be able to get in the draft then?

I am guessing the top 2 will be Zeke and edwards-helaire. I haven’t quite been able to guess who will be the next group after those 2 yet. I offered tyreek and chubb to the guy with #1 pick to swap picks and he passed