Which WRs do I run with this week?

Hey guys - so I need to pick 2 out of the following:

Stefon Diggs
Devin Funchess
Larry Fitzgerald
Sterling Shepard

Currently I have Diggs and Funchess locked in - feeling hesitant about benching Fitz tho…What do you all think?!

Thanks much!

Diggs and Funchess is what I would go!

I’m not a fan of funchess honestly. I traded him because cam is not trustworthy and he didn’t capitalize on his targets. However funchess gets a good chunk of targets and he can always come down but Fitz is still going to be relevant no matter who’s QB. just don’t expect big games from either.

Fitz is going against Seattle I know they kinda struggled against the pass but they will pressure Stanton and I feel like he’s gonna make mistakes. Cam is starting to run again something he wasn’t doing at the beginning of the season. I think with Ben gone funchess is now his escape route to throw too until Olsen comes back