Which WRs to Start?

Standard Scoring and I need 2 for the win! I’m leaning towards FItz and M Bryant. Thanks in advance!

Dez vs SEA
Fitz vs NYG
Scrumptious vs TB
Greatwin vs JAX
M Bryant @ HOU
K Cole @ SF

I could also pickup S Shepard @ ARI off of waivers.

Can’t really pick two but I do think you should stick Cole in. The other pass catchers there are hurt and Bortles looks great and Cole is who he likes.

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It’s funny you say that. In the projections he is projected to be the lowest scoring of the bunch, but I keep thinking he is the one that could win me the weekend.

Hard part is I’m a die hard Niners fan so I don’t really want to see him have a good game…

im looking at fitz and M. Bryant. fitz is pretty much just a lock from me in this group, but i think the rest are pretty interchangeable. even Mr. Greatwin who has an impossible matchup. but, i still think i would rather not play the very little tested groppy to goodwin test agaisnt this D. and, M. Bryant has the most to prove out of this group.

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My biggest worry with Fitz is that Stanton is starting in AZ again…That being said, Fitz had ok games with him earlier this season.

I want to play Goodwin, but that JAX D is so nasty…

Something tells me Scrumptious is going to have a big bounce back this weekend.

This might come down to a coin flip…:roll_eyes:

man i have done it before. literally making a choice by a coinflip because it was too close to call. i wish you the best my friend!

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