While drafting, do you worry about bye weeks?


I’ve been doing drafts for a while now, but every year I run into the dilemma of if I should worry about bye weeks or not. I understand that if the right players are available and because of the fact that there is only one bye week per player, that I should take them. But at what point do I stop drafting players with the same bye weeks?


I don’t, I just grab the best players available for my roster build at that point in the draft. Bye weeks will be there and that’s why you don’t win your league at the draft, but instead build a solid foundation as the Footballers say.

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Pretty much the only time I ever pay attention to bye weeks is in 2qb leagues for my QBs. Otherwise, there isn’t a situation I can think of where I would care. Quite frankly, it’s debatable whether it’s better to spread out your bye weeks or just chunk them all together.

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I think “worry” is too strong a word for this instance.

Do I want all my players to be have the same Bye week? Nope

That being said, I casually keep an eye on it as I’m drafting, adjust as needed, and use it as a tie breaker if I have two players that I’m liking in a particular round (all else being equal).


The popular answer is “I ignore them.” And it’s probably best not to sweat it too much.

But I do take a glance and if anything, I tend to do what’s considered the opposite of “spreading the bye weeks around”:

I google “bye weeks nfl 2019” and look at the list of teams for each week.

Then I look for the particular bye week with a number of teams that have a ton of fantasy relevant teams all not playing and I kinda keep that in the back of my mind as a cluster of teams I might want to target. My thinking is that, sure, if the majority of my team has byes that week will definitely be a loss. But every other week will be a little easier.

I definitely don’t have as many weeks in a row in the middle of the season where it seems like I’m reaching for my bench because one of my starters is always out.

Of course, you can’t just stick to this strategy “no matter what.” It definitely shouldn’t be the guiding principle of your draft. But if there are two players you can’t decide on, it might be a tiebreaker.

I’ve won championships this way in the past.

This year, weeks 7, 9, and 12 look a little like that.

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Nah. Never give up a better player to worry about a bye week. Bye weeks are so far out in the season that you have no idea what’s going to happen. There will always be players who emerge from waivers who you can plug in. Most squads you draft will have like less than half the players remaining on it halfway through the season.

If all else is equal, then obviously take a player that fits your bye week better. The only exception to this rule is in superflex formats. Then yo might want to consider bye weeks more because QBs are all so close together anyway and trying to get a QB off waivers in a superflex is not possible.

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Only if it’s 2 QB or a shallow bench.

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Thanks everyone for your insights! Really helped my mindset while preparing for my upcoming draft.

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The only time I actually look at bye weeks when drafting is back up QB and TE. And I only carry those because in FAB league.