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White, Ginn, or Adams?


Who should I play in my flex spot between James White, Ted Ginn, or Davante Adams? This is a full ppr league and I’m leaning towards starting White. Would you guys agree with this or should I start one of the other two?


I would also lean towards White, with Ginn being a close second.


I like white but I like ginn more he’s been getting a lot of looks from brees and there going up against the bills 22nd ranked pass d. Only thing that’s scares me away from white is rex coming back and getting involved. But I don’t think you could go wrong either


Ginn is going up against a D thats no joke, at home where their 4-0, and the weather is looking cold, and maybe a little damp as well. I’m seeing this more of a run game then anything else.


Yes no doubt their d is no joke, but so are the saints, Houston and Jax. They all have weaknesses and the bills pass d isn’t that good. Also ginn is more of a possession receiver then the deep ball threat everyone thinks he is. I’m just saying ginn is just as good as white but with way more upside.


I do agree he has more of an upside no doubt, and if they were playing at home I’d say he would be the better call as well.