White or Michel in the PPR Playoffs?

Good evening everyone,
save in the playoffs (14-17)… FullPPR and I am very interested in a NE RB 'cause of their matchups from 14-17.
But wich One? White or Michel?
14-KC 15-Cin 16-BUF 17-MIA
Thank U very much.

got White and Michel, need to trade one of them. Playoffs save, day off in Week 14 save, full PPR.
Schedule for both:
15 - Bengals
16 - Buffalo
17 - Miami
Who is the one to trade, who ist the one to have?
Thank you very much.

I mean since it’s PPR I think that’s a pretty obvious question, White no brainer.

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Thank you for that clear answer. :slight_smile:

I have them both too.
White in ppr has averaged like 12 points.
I feel like michel could top that easily if theyd use him like last year.

Only problem is ive no idea if they will :confused: