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White or Watkins?


PPR auction league. $200 budget.

I have Sammy Watkins at $11, being offered Kevin White at $1. My other keepers are Gurley at $17 and Fitzgerald at $11. I’m a Bears fan meaning I love the idea of having Kevin white, but also hate having guys from my own team especially when they’re abysmal. I also don’t love having two guys on a terrible Rams offense. Am I crazy for thinking it’s a good trade?


As a dynasty owner of Kevin White, I’m having a hard time justifying keeping him on my roster. I would absolutely keep Watkins over White, especially in ppr.


I would lean neither and go a different route.


I’d really hope to have a better option.


thanks for the replies. the auction is tonight. i already had gurley locked in at $17 and larry fitz at $11. i ended trading watkins for jimmy graham at $7 for my third keeper, and the guy who had kevin white didn’t keep him, so if i really feel inclined to get him, i’d imagine he’s there between $1-5 even with the meredith injury. thanks for all of your input