Who 2 keep?

Need some help here. I need to keep 2 players from my title winning team last year. Full PPR, 12 team league

Stefon Diggs
AJ Brown
Austin Ekeler
D’Andre Swift

Leaning Diggs and Ekeler but may go Diggs and Brown and go with whatever RBs are available for my first two picks that’ll be back to back.

Outside the box options: Darren Waller, Russell Wilson (QBs score big points)

I would go Diggs and Ekeler

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I’d go diggs and ekeler too. Waller is a possibility as top tier TEs are hard to find, but where you are in the draft should also come into play with the decision.

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I would have to echo Diggs and Ekeler. I look at it as if you keep Diggs and Brown and get RBX in the draft or keep Diggs and Ekeler and get WRX in the draft which trip will score more points? I think you have a better opportunity to find a WR that will compliment Diggs and Ekeler easier then finding a RB who will compliment Diggs and Brown.