Who are you keeping here?

Having some real trouble figuring out who I should keep (keep 2, not at the same position)…

12 team, 0.5PPR, 3 WR, 2 Flex league
I don’t have a 3rd or 6th round pick, so it might be a transition year.

Zach Ertz 4th round (can’t keep next year)
Aaron Jones 6th (bumps up to a 5th for this year, can keep next year too)
Derrius Guice 13th (can keep next year too)
Chris Godwin 7th (can keep next year too)
Austin Ekeler 11th (can keep next year too)
Tyler Boyd 7th (can keep next year too)

With limited picks, it’s tempting to keep Guice, but he’s still not cleared and I don’t think AP is going away. That team stinks too.

As of today, I’m leaning Jones and Godwin. I can still grab 3 starters in rounds 1, 2, 4 and then supplement from there. Ertz is the only other one I’m struggling with because of his overall value compared to who I may get at TE. He would also have the most trade value, I think, later in the year in case I’m in sell off mode. Ekeler might be fun, but I don’t know if he’ll hold up and MG3 should be back at some point (right?).

I doubt I’ll get any sort of consensus, but would love to hear some opinions.

well, i think this one is pretty easy for this year. Jones and eckler. jones, hard to argue with the value and with the talent + potential. jones should 100% be your lock.

everyone else is debatable. and honestly im ok with most everyone else being picked. except for 2, which oddly enough, are 2 you mentioned.

im not keeping ert, you just dont have the fire power to make it worth keeping him, and he doesnt have the value either. i mean he does have good value in the 4th with 2 keepers, but i need a lot of value to keep a TE.

and im not keeping godwin. sure, he is locked into his roll, with a new HC that should help that offense as a whole. but i have no faith in winston keeping his job, and really no faith in that team. this isnt a boo on godwin, this is just a preference thing for me. i would just not choose someone from that team until the value is insane for them.

so ill defend my ecker pick, even though its probably pretty obvious. stand alone value if gordon comes back. if he doesnt… starting RB for the very good chargers O that you get for CHEAP. we dont have to worry about injury history or the RBS in front of him (guice) he is on a top 10 offense with a QB i trust to keep the team moving (boyd) and just has league winner written all over him if gordon does sit. its more of a hail mary keeper, but its also not full blown hail mary. its like an aaron rodgers HM. yeah, its still iffy… but im pretty confident it will still work.

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I don’t disagree with your Ekeler take. Only problem is we can only keep 1 player per position, so it’d be Jones or Ekeler, and I’m going Jones every time. If I could keep 2 RB’s, Ekeler really might be my #2. I’m not sold on him as the lead guy, after seeing him in the same role last year with MG3 hurt, and I do think MG3 comes back. That may be wishful thinking and the value of Ekeler there is just too good to pass on, but I like Jones too much to pick Ekeler over him today. The Chargers haven’t done anything to add to Ekeler/Jackson, so maybe they too expect MG3 back soon? Guess they could still add, too, of course…

That’s why I lean Godwin with my 2nd. Winston might be trash, again, but I like the Arians move and Djax/Humphries are gone. With a terrible D and run game, they have to pass A LOT. Maybe top 3 attempts in the league. Godwin is a very good player who will gobble up targets, I feel good about him, though understand your reservation. It really is about Winston, which sucks, but the upside is pretty good for CG.

oh, damnit i read it and forgot it haha. i would change my answer to boyd then over godwin. but i dont blame you with the godwin pick, and fully support it. was just giving my POV.

Since you can’t keep at the same position…

Aaron Jones & Godwin. Alternatively, could keep Boyd and look to move him after first few weeks. But I’d roll with the first two.

The only counter would be Ekeler for value at 11 with Godwin, in my mind. But Jones represents good value at the 5th. Without a 3rd and 6th you wouldn’t be able to draft Jones unless you reached in the 2nd. Ekeler will still be available near rounds 8-9.

Guice you can get in the 13th round anyway. Ertz is good but you will be sorely lacking RB and WR depth which you NEED, especially without the 3rd rd and 6th rd picks. Boyd and Godwin are in the same tier, I think I like Godwin as a player more and if you use the UDK kit he is ranked a couple spots higher than Boyd.

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