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Who are you targeting off waivers to build your playoff team?

Been doing some stashing in the weeks ahead of playoffs, but who are you really excited about in the next few weeks?

schedule, opportunity, volume, points off the bench, etc.

In my only league where I was guaranteed first or second place I cut guys like Mike Williams, Guice (ooops), and Ajayi and stashed as many handcuffs as I could, whether the starter was on my team or another. One guy I’m going to aim for after this week is Mostert and drop Darrell Williams. After the performance he had in yesterdays game and the chance that San Fran locks up a playoff spot sooner than later, I think Mostert could end up with the bulk of the work while Coleman and Breida rest for playoffs

Mostert was getting work and doing well with it, i like that target, hopefully find him on the waivers. Luckilly, i added Guice a few weeks ago.

You have any WR you like coming up? People seem to be liking Slayton, but not sure how much hit he takes when Engram and Tate come back.

I can’t think of many off the top of my head. Slayton is one that may be worth a flier. I haven’t heard much about John Ross recently but he’s someone people probably forgot about and I wouldn’t worry about AJ Green coming back this year. Kelvin Harmon is a guy who seems to be getting more involved and has a nice schedule the rest of the way. Not much I can think of after that. Maybe keep an eye on the Colts to see who is even left there to catch the ball.

I’m kind of in the same position. Stashed Mattison, Penny, have Hunt and Armstead for my mains.

WR I’m hoping to scoop and monitor is James Washington, I have week 14 bye so will get a good look at him again, but he’s done really well over the past 5 weeks overall.

Slayton looks good as well. What’s everyone’s opinion on Snell? Think they’ll risk Conner yet again? Dude needs a rest or else he’s gonna uh, well explode.

Also how does everyone feel about the KC Defense for the 15-16 byers? I stashed them this week to see how they’d do now that Chris Jones has more consistency, dude is a beast.

hoping to get washington, he is avail in at least one of my leagues.

I really have no clue on the Steelers RB situation but i think Snell is also a stash and see guy, may have over taken Jaylen as RB2 if/when Conner comes back. They could make a playoff push and if that starts to come together, do they risk Conner before playoffs or bring him in for that extra push to get there if he is healthy. Snell def seems to be more valued than Jaylen on the Steelers sideline.

I have Snell and Mattison on my bench and I don’t own Connor or Cook. Might shoot for Mostert like everyone else in this thread. And Fitzpatrick at QB to backup Watson.