Who are you willing to start DeSean Jackson over?

The appeal of DeSean Jackson being one of the only possible targets for Wentz against Washington is soooooooo nice. But am I crazy to want to start him over people like Keenan Allen, Diontae Johnson or Ronald Jones in a PPR? I’m starting Golladay and Allen Robinson as my starting WRs. Just trying to fill the FLEX. What do yall think?

Don’t think it’s too crazy to play him over Johnson and maybe even Allen (we don’t know what kind of connection he’ll have with Tyrod Taylor) as Washington’s D will likely be a layup for the Eagles. I’d hesitate starting him over Rojo though, only because i find it hard to believe that Fournette will get the nod week 1. After that, it will probably be Fournette’s job to lose, but week 1 will be Rojo

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I love Keenan and Diante Johnson is great but I think I start Jackson over them. Specially week 1 against Washington.
After that I’m probably going back to Keenan.

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Week 1 id be fine with that dart throw.

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I would personally order Jim’s cheese steaks from South Street in Philly, and I’d start those over DJax. LOL, jk, he’s going to ball out and then get hurt week 2-4, so get value from him and trade him while you can and roster Greg Ward.

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Go across the street, get a margarita- then go down the street and get a colossal slice from Lorenzo’s! Oh yeah!

And although I would love to believe in Desean for a full season, trading him after he blows up is probably the best bet.



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I didn’t even know that place was still open. Cheap margs at Copa and then Lorenzo’s was my move.

Go Birds!

You have to go and eat at ZAHAV down near Old City. Holy crap, best meal in ages! Right before the COV-AIDS plague hit…