Who Are Your Buy Low Candidates? And what’s the cost?

Curious to see what names you all have? Heard of some high names like Davante Adams, etc, but not sure what you’d give up for them.

I’m in 2 leagues, 12 & 20. The 20 I’m scared of giving up anything due to nobody in FA, but I’m 0-1

I think the assumption that you can buy a round 1 WR low off one bad week against the best D in the league is absurd, but maybe there are some really dumb fantasy players out there willing to give him up that easily, so if that’s the case for your league, go for it!

I’d target someone in the 3-7 round range (Kerryon or Sony for example)

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No one competent at fantasy football is going to sell you Adams low. If you believe evans is a buy low then maybe there is a shot. Top dogs are hard to buy low cause people get attached to the high amt of draft capital they sank in.

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Yeah mainly responding to the article I saw here earlier this week. I had like 2-3 buy low candidates in my 20 man league haha.

Just curious of other names people have tried to target that they think they can get bites on, I personally am not targeting Adams

To be honest this week I don’t like many buy lows. I feel like there are good sell highs though. Guys I have been thinking of unloading are Ekeler, Ingram and Watkins. For Melvin Gordon risk, losing work to hill/having a splash week and also losing work to hill/injury scare respectively. I think you can get more then their fair value this week.

I think D. Freeman is a decent option, Montgomery, Lindsay (after he plays Chicago he’ll be a great candidate most likely), Fournette, Breida / Mostert, Jarvis or Cooks

Honestly, Cody Latimer could be a very sneaky pickup while Tate and Shepard are out. Only in some sort of PPR though.

Oooo, there’s an interesting name!

Lindsey is a fantastic one. Like Freeman too… lots of good names here.

Blanked on freeman cause I own him in all my leagues haha. Ya I actually like that too but I think it’s a risky one. He is injury prone and the offensive line looked awful. I think he’s still worth a target if you can get the right price.

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The guy got 8 targets last week. Could be interesting against the Bills.

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Maybe not… he sat out practice today.