Who are your targets deeper in the draft

We have discussed/researched in great detail who our top 4 target picks are, and the important draft day should be done by the week’s end. Whether you are going Wr Wr in the first two rounds, or Rb Wr, Wr Rb, Rb Rb, or any combination in those first 4 rounds we all know the backside of the draft can be where the league is won-- of course I am not including those ever so lucky/important waiver wire pick ups during the season.

What about that #3 Wr, or even your #4 Wr? Who do you either feel comfortable drafting, or is on your radar as being a must have?

I know for myself, a couple wideouts that I am intrigued by due to changes in teams and quarterbacks are Emmanuel Sanders (Den) and John Brown (Balt). I know the two Rb’s I am starting with will be Saquon Barkley and Kenyon Drake, but the Rb’s I am targeting later Chris Carson/Carlos Hyde/Marshawn Lynch and/or Aaron Jones.

What players do you find intriguing in those ever so important later rounds 6-7 and beyond?

I find myself targeting Aaron Jones late in drafts too despite the coach hype for Williams.
A WR I really like this season as a later round pick is Jamison Crowder. I thought he had a solid season even being banged up last year, and I think he’ll fit well with Alex Smith. I’m also taking a flier in my leagues on Cam Meredith to bounce back in the Saints offense. I’m not taking either to count on week to week but if they hit they could be good flex options.

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It seem unlikely, but it happened to me and I got Ingram in the 9th. I think he will have a part in the lineup when he returns. I actually think that he made Kamara who he is. My thoughts are Kamara was able to be so dominate because defenses had to prepare for 2 top 12 RBs each week. Just my Thoughts.

I actually like Crowder myself and think he’ll have somewhat of a bounce back season. I think he’s the wideout to own from Washington. It would be nice if Meredith can comeback to form, wasn’t his knee injury non contact? I can’t remember… Someone else that I find intriguing in the later rounds is Quincy Enuwa (sp?), last year would have been his third year. He had a pretty hot stretch there the previous year and looked good before the neck injury.

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If Ingram falls in my draft I’d take him in the 6th! That would be the perfect backup to my lineup as I’ll already have Barkley and Drake. The eleven guys I’ve been drafting now for the last 22 years will probably not let that happen.

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