Who breaks out in 2019?

Looking ahead to the 2019 FF season who stands out to you as a breakout candidate? I feel like JuJu established himself along with Tyreek Hill as legit #1 wrs this year even though both typically fell to the mid rounds after players like Landry, Amari and AJ Green. Kerryon comes to mind to me as a player that might sneak into the mid rounds who could be poised for a monster season. Tyler Boyd is another player who likely falls farther than his true value on draft day. Anyway who do you guys value beyond the obvious Gurleys, ABs of the fantasy world? We can use this thread as a note pad to have on hand when draft season comes around. Also one player you simply won’t roster again. For me it’s Fournette.


I think Nick Chubb will be an RB1 as long as the Browns don’t do something stupid to mess up their upward trend. He may not count as a breakout, but considering where he was drafted this year, he will be drafted as a breakout.


I’d have to go with Damien Williams for one. I picked him up the other night when I was pretty sure Gurley wouldn’t be playing, and Williams got me 25 PPR pts which was right up there with Dav Adams who I also have/had. (re-draft)

And maybe Derrick Henry. But yep @ukridge definitely Chubb!!!


Robert Woods for another.

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Phillip Lindsay…A Jones


I was skeptical about Damien due to his history in Miami but he proved me wrong and thankfully I saw the light in time to let him help win me a title. I’m definitely keeping my eye on him. I also think that if Callaway gets serious and becomes a student of the game that he and Mayfield could be a lethal stack.

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I’m gonna toss in Gus here, but not completely sold on him yet. He didn’t have much chance to show what he’s capable of/not capable of this year, so…will have to wait and see with him.

I think Sony Michel will have a big year next year. He had great games this year but really bad games too. Im drsfting him for sure. The player I wont draft next year is Stefon Diggs. I loved him and he had dominant stretches but he was not consistant enough. Didnt have enough in return from the spot I drafted him. And the vikings offense is taking a run first approach.

I’m excited to see guys that couldn’t get it going- very eager to see Darius Guice.
Nick Chubb is def a player I will be going after. As well as Kerryon Johnson.

I’m also hoping that Robby Anderson stays clean and shows what he’s really capable of.


Nick Chubb is an RB1. He gets 100 yards regularly .

I think Guice breaks out when he comes back from injury. I think it’ll be a second half breakout cause they also gotta get their QB situation under control.

Robert woods is also already a top 10 wide receiver. He doesn’t seem to be have much room to grow from here given his age and he’s kinda maxed out in opportunity.

I think next year one of the Browns wide receivers not named Landry will have the opportunity to breakout. I couldn’t tell you which one it is though.

Agreed on the Cleveland pass catchers. Callaway has so much talent but a lack of work ethic and some dropsies are holding him back. I think Calvin Ridley could really have a good year next year too. Sony Michel is also on my radar and luckily, he ended the year quietly, so the less astute drafters may overlook what he did as the lead back before he got hurt.

Sony would be a beast if patriots would let it happen. But I wouldn’t bank on it.

Calvin Ridley is overhyped in my opinion. He had a period of absurd amount of TDs but he’s not a particularly big redZone threat. I’m way bigger on Boyd and golladay.

I wouldn’t get too excited about Guice. He’s had problems since his injury. 4-5 additional surgeries due to infections.

#llc I can’t agree with you about any of those. They have all already broke out pretty much. A Jones not for a full season but hopefully he won’t get suspended and new coach will be all in on him.

Woods, Chubb, Lindsay all stand to be drafted at value next year.

Damien Williams getting extended by KC and now being their highest paid RB seems like he could enjoy a huge uptick in stats above draft position. Ware is UFA next year. Him and Gus are going to be somewhat riskier guys I think.

Yeah in light of DW’s new contract, Kansas appears to be ready to give him the featured role in 2019. My opponent and I watched him have great games as the starter in week 14 and 15. Week 15, I saw enough for him to pass the eye test and I grabbed him and started him over DJ in week 16. My opponent grabbed Desean Hamilton instead and DW basically won the ship for me. As a Hunt owner, and then a Ware owner, the 3rd time was truly the charm. I didnt buy Williams as legit until after week 15 but he’s been on fire the last 3 weeks and I’ll closely monitor him during KC’s post season run. Another player I believe could have success inn2019 is Royce Freeman. He has the skills but had a horrible year. I’d take a shot towards the end of the draft.

Oh damn- I don’t think I knew that about Guice. Well, McKinnon would be someone else that I would be excited to see then.

I want the Anderson and Darnold connection to be a real thing and a consistent thing all next year. Sticking to the same team- could Herndon be a break out tight end and get crazy numbers like Kittle did this year?

I also sort of want to see how Sutton and Hamilton do. Obviously, they need better QB play but they had some good flashes. Sutton was frustrating because so many people had him on their teams- mine included and he just didn’t do much.

I’m really excited about next year and this NFL year isn’t even over yet.

He’s saying he will be at OTA. I just want to monitor him more closely and see Guice prove it on the field. There is still potential for a break out. AP if he is even there is another year older, etc.

I know this may sound crazy but I think that Amari Cooper could be a WR1 next year. Being a Cowboy fan doesnt help much here but I havent seen a Dallas WR this good since Terrell Owens and Cooper is just 25 years old