Who came out on top on this trade?

I lost Saquon and have the 4th waiver pick, I doubt I will land Devonta Freeman or Mike Davis in waivers.

My RBs before trade: Barkley, Aaron Jones, Swift, Moss
WR before trade: Golladay, Fuller, Woods, Marvin Jones, Preston Williams
I traded away Andrews and Marvin Jones for Jonathan Taylor and Dionate Johnson

Ill pick up Gesicki/shults/sample from waivers as my TE

Pulled off a Taylor trade for Andrews and Marvin Jones and got Dionate Johnson, that is quite impressive.

I would prioritize Gesicki first, then Schultz, then Sample. If Jonnu Smith is available he should be picked up above all of these.

@recespieces31 I was surprised he agreed to it tbh. I was asking high and then I thought he would say no and I would ask for James Connor instead of Taylor

but my LM is kind of iffy on this trade, he is thinking about vetoing but I don’t understand why he would do that lol

I dont know if your league gets to vote on trades, but if there is a voting period and your leaguemates didnt vote to veto the trade, your Commish should keep the trade in place.

Plus, it is not like it was some ridiculous trade like if you offered M. Jones for Taylor and he accepted.