Who can be this year's Tarik Cohen?

We are thinking Nyheim Hines or Boston Scott. Any other thought’s, doesn’t have to be an rookie.

Hines or Ito Smith. Hard for me to see Scott getting a role if Kamara is healthy.

I like Ito in future years but unless Freeman or Coleman go down it’ll be har for him to find significant playing time.

Agreed. An injury would be necessary.

you don’t think they drop in Scott during the first 4 games to give Alvin a breather?

counting on that and him to get his foot in the door

No, I don’t. I think one of the bigger backs comes in to spell him, if anything.

other folks thinking he might be the best option. Liz and Brad both… hope they are right. like to see the guy get out there.

We’ll see. My money is on West, Williams or Edmunds.