Who can I drop this week?

If all these guys miss Sunday who can I drop to fill my flex. Already have mattison playing tonight which I thought was my savior for the week until cook is playing.

8 team league (2 guys dropped out right before the draft), 4th place, 4 make the playoffs, 2 weeks left in regular season. We opted to have no IR spot due to the stacked rosters, but waivers still are garbage. I dropped Knox for renfroe tomato least.have 2 WR yesterday too.


I’d probably drop Pittman. His playoff schedule is rough and chances are if Keenan and Deebo are both healthy by next week Pittman isn’t gonna be in over them

Thanks that’s what I was leaning too with not even thinking about playoffs. But my 2 WR playing this week are aiyuk and renfroe who are only on my team because i needed bodies. At least Kyler Murray is healthy so I don’t need to hold a second QB still too. Hardly had any real injury issues until the last couple weeks.

I feel I have to start mattison tonight now too and hope for the best and wait until Sunday to pickup a flex spot if everyone is inactive.