Who can I get for Scary Terry?

I’m in need of an rb and wondering what rb you guys think I can get! Full Ppr league! Thanks in advance

What is your current RB and WR situation? I suspect McLaurin was one of your first 2 picks.

Start with Derrick Henry and work your way down.

Auction draft so no order at all, can’t remember what I spent on him now somewhere around 22-25ish. My rb situation is why I’m considering doing this, so
rbs: Gibson, Mixon, Javantae Williams and Kenyan Drake

Wrs: Ceedee, Antonio Brown, Terry, Kupp and Juju (also two wr league with flex)

I see you point. like your starting RBs (Gibson and Mixon). Williams will take over the starting RB role by mid season. Drake is a serviceable flex play most weeks depending on the matchup. You have a solid WR corps with depth at the position. You could try to get Montgomery or Jones.

Yeah I agree man I’m just so nervous if mixon or Gibson go down (I know you should never think like that) but man my depth scares me. I was actually offered Aaron Jones and Kenny G for Gibson and Terry, what do you think of that? He said he would consider Julio instead of Kenny G but not confirmed with that

Not sure if that’s worth it but Jones I assume had an off week like all of GB did

Now is the time to go after him if you want to add RB depth