Who could I target for David Johnson?

10 team PPR league.

Was thinking of trying to move on from him. Opinions on David Johnson’s value and what I could get in return?

Thought of maybe trying to package him with another RB (T. Coleman, Drake?) to the Zeke owner. Wishful thinking? Other than Zeke, his RBs are L. Miller, D. Lewis, and AP.

I realize Zeke might be aiming too high, but what tier player could targeted for Johnson?

You will not get the value you are looking for most likely. No way I would give up zeke for him and Coleman. To me you either are stuck with him or u need to try and trade for players who are also drafted high and not meeting expectations yet (Kennan Allen, OBJ, etc). I would keep Johnson over all his other backs combined

Yeah I kinda figured as much. I guess my thought process was maybe he’d like a little more depth at RB. In our league Johnson is RB10 vs Zeke being RB7.

But in reality, I don’t mind Johnson or my team and I probably should just stop tinkering. Johnson hasn’t been great but he has been salvaging games with TDs, and the potential is always there. We all know what he is capable of.

I’m a DJ owner as well and i think his season will improve after they lose the the Broncos tonight and Mike McCoy gets fired.

If they would just throw him the ball more I wouldn’t care as much and would be content to keep him. But as it stands, he’s verrry TD dependent and that worries me.

I don’t know why it’s so hard to understand the concept of getting the ball into your best player’s hands. Lol.

Best shot would probably be to go after a Mccafrey for dj + wr3

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Yeah the issue is that McCoy is treating a 2018 Ferrari like a 1990 Honda Civic hatchback…it’s like he has never seen DJ play. DJ outperforms in space and when he lines up as a wideout. I’ve only seen DJ run up the middle so far, which serves no purpose. #fireMikeMcCoy

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I did attempt to make a trade for McCafferey but negotiations didn’t pan out. The McCaffery owner is VERY WR needy. He has AJ Green and that’s it. Plus his TEs are on bye this week. I offered him an RB (Coleman, he was a Freeman owner), WR, AND TE for McCaff, hoping he was desperate. It was worth a shot haha.

I’m currently trying to get TY Hilton for Hot Lockett…lol

I traded Conner last week to the Lev Bell owner for Hilton.