Who Defeated Gurley Owners?

I just pulled it off. I slapped the shit out of him then, slapped him again for shitting.

It can be done. Took a lot of work but I built a Gurley killer. Getting Fournette back next week so it is time to roll.

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I didn’t face him this week, but if i did, I would have won by 40 points. He actually lost this week by about 6 points. I play him next week and am hoping for a similar stat line from him lol

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The Gurley owner in my league is competitive but not invincible(he’s about to be 5-4). I outscore him by an average of 25points per week.

Gurley had an off week due to game flow. As a Gurley owner though, unless Dak scores 40+pts then I’m 9-0. Getting Cook and Fournette back will help though. Hopefully I get to keep Conner as well. :grin:

I started this for non Gurley owners. Yes, we understand most Gurley owners are doing extremely well. Maybe start a thread about that? Just a suggestion.