Who do I cut for Jared Cook


QB: Cousins
RB: Mixon, Mack, Michel, Chubb, Cohen, A.Jones
WR: Ab, Hopkins, Boyd, Golladay, Landry
TE: Ertz
K: Zuerlein
D: Bears

No TE this week? Lol

If you can’t do a 2 for 1 trade with someone, maybe to improve at QB… then I’d drop Cohen.

I’m not sure what kind of player I could target… i could probably trade Landry and Cohen for Mahomes

No you couldn’t aha

There’s no other QB I would want to trade for lol

What’s your record and the other guys line up

I think Landry and Cohen for mahomes is reasonable to try. Its two very servicable skill players for the best fantasy qb, who is still just a qb non the less. Landry is in a bit of a slump but still is getting volume and Cohen has done well the last month. Depends on his roster I think that is totally a viable trade.