Who do I cut to get Fournette?

Thanks to my low standing in the draft I find myself in a position where I am all but guaranteed to pick up Fournette off waivers. I’m trying to decide which player from my bench to drop:

Full PPR League

Emmanuel Sanders - I know he’s past his prime, but in New Orleans I think he still has a chance to be a reliable FLEX play.

Marvin Jones - Proven to be a reliable FLEX, situation in Detroit doesn’t seem all that different this year.

Sterling Shepard - No. 1 WR for NYG, but will he see a smaller target share this year?

All reports talk about Shepard looking like the true #1 receiver for NYG. I’m high on Manny Sanders too, so I would take the shot and drop Marvin Jones if you really want to pick up Fournette. As far as being a reliable Flex, Jones is really boom or bust, and not a consistent scorer for the flex spot week in and week out.

That rational makes sense to me. I feel like I gotta pick up Fournette, he’d have to really bust in Tampa to not have more value than anyone on my bench at this point. Thanks for your thoughts.

Careful with the news that just came our from Arians saying RoJo is still their guy, and Shady will still have his role too.

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You drop none of them and you leave fournette alone to confuse somebody else. It’d be different if he joined a less crowded offense, but I no longer have interest in anyone in that backfield.

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Haha, well the one guy I didn’t expect to be paying attention snagged him anyway, so I guess whether to start him or bench him wont be my problem. I think I would have been okay giving up Jones for the risk…I can see a scenario where he ends up being the true RB1 in Tampa, but as you point out…there are many scenarios that could emerge.