Who do I draft at number 3? 12 team PPR league

Not sure who to draft at number 3!! I know that Johnson will be going first overall for sure so I’m stuck between Gurley, Bell, Zeke, And barkley, Hell please!!!

whichever of Bell or Gurley that is left.


Go zeke 100%

If it were me, I’d take Bell or Gurley.

I don’t think there is a wrong answer here.

Todd Gurley fa sure!!! Enjoy!:

Yeah there really isn’t of course all these guys will be great it’s more preference me I’ve got some weird feelings about bell and gurley I actually prefer DJ but he will be gone with the first overall pick

Care to share why you think Zeke over a guy like bell or gurley? I only ask cause many people have been telling me to go Zeke even though there’s no much talent in Dallas other then him. However I have some worries with bell and gurley as great as they are and DJ will be gone for sure so I really am considering Zeke

Gurley > Bell if available

I’ll jump in and if it was me and he was there I’d take Zeke. In ten games last year he was insane, give him a full season and you you will get a weekly top 5 back and a guy with a shot at number 1. He will get volume second only to Bell this year in my view and with a healthy O-line and the fact he is an elite runner, and the offensive goes through him even more than it already did. The loss of Dez and Witten i think will help his reception numbers and he can take it to the house just the same as the other guys on a checkdown or screen. Also redzone he will be the main weapon either via run or pass because they’ve lost Dez and Witten and while you can’t predict TDs, i would be shocked if he doesn’t score more than he has done before. He is a candidate to lead the league in rushing yards too, i know it’s hard to leave Bell or Gurley on the board but i’m going Zeke if i pick early and he falls to me this year, i think he will be special and will have a point to prove and no distractions off field this year.

As the guys have said there is no wrong answer here, its down to preference between these 4 guys.

Yeah of course. In my opinion Todd Gurley is due for a regression but he will still be very good. Bell has a lot of injury risk with him getting 400+ carries every year and not showing up to camp again. Zeke on the other hand doesn’t have an extensive injury history at all and most of all he has a great o line and a bunch of receptions left dallas (dez and witten). He is going to get an incredible amount of touches and to me is the best pure runner in football. Pair that along with he has a TON of motivation to kill it with the NFL suspending him last year, could have a Brady comeback tour-esque season. Its just my opinion though really. With these guys your just splitting hairs. I practice what I preach though and I have the number one overall pick and Im getting zeke.

Gurley or Zeke, in that order, for me. In my mind, I am not worried about either of those choices.

How about bell?

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I like Bell no doubt. I think they will grind him to dust this season which could be good for points. I worry about his choices in skipping camp in lieu of Florida strip clubs. I worry that he says he knows missing last pre-season made it hard for him to be full go week 1. The mixture of all those things give me pause.

As the 2 pick I feel Gurley and Zeke are in better places on solid teams with locked in roles.

In the end I would not be bummed with any of the top flight guys, but with the 2 pick I like those two better.

I hope this helps!

If this is full PPR, I’m taking Bell, then Gurley, then Zeke.

If its half PPR, I’d still rank in that order but would be totally fine with you taking Zeke.