Who do I draft on the turn?

I’m in an 8-man, 1/2pt PPR league and have the first pick in the draft. After doing some mocks, after I draft one of the obvious elite RBs, the 3 players that usually fall to me on the turn that intrigue me the most are Michael Thomas, Christian McCaffrey and Rob Gronkowski.

I hate to plan my draft solely by position, but I know that if I don’ t snag McCaffrey here, I’m going to go into the WR-heavy portion of the draft without an RB2, so I’ll either have to take a player I don’t love (Mixon/McKinnon/Drake) instead of a solid WR. or just punt on the RB2 position until the later rounds. I’d rather not do either of those things.

With as deep as WR is, it it ridiculous to pass on Thomas here? I feel like it absolutely still is.

So I guess my real question is do you guys think Gronkowski is so much better than the rest of his position that he deserves me passing on one of McCaffrey/Thomas? If so, who? Keep in mind Ertz/Kelce never fall to me on my next pick(s) so I’ll probably wait to the end of the draft to take a far inferior tight end.

I’d take Gronk if he falls there for sure. and probably McCaffrey too. WR is so deep this year that in an 8 man league you’ll still have solid options at the 4/5 turn

That’s probably the right strategy but I just hate to pass on Thomas’ value. He’s a high end WR1 going almost in the 3rd, but when I can get something like Baldwin/Cooper at 4/5 I’m gonna have to consider it.

I was in this exact position and took mccaf and gronk.

It’s set me up and now have a balanced team. Royce kerryon Burkhead and Montgomery

Managed to get diggs fitz (passed on Cooper Robinson and hilton as wanted a bit of a higher floor but could also go them). Landry Watkins and crowder as flex options.

Even though I don’t have Thomas having mccaffrey locks in my rb as a safe spot and now have the best rb and difference maker in te. Rather than having thomas and someone like miller or lynch as my rb2 instead of fitz. But essentially you cant go too wrong pick the guys you want to support and enjoy. Hope that helps.