Who do I drop? Chris Thompson or Royce Freeman?

Full PPR. I have the following team. 10 teams.

Who do i keep and who do I drop? I feel that I should keep Thompson bc it’s full PPR and he will have a higher ceiling than freeman.

WR: Julio Jones
WR: TY Hilton
RB: melvin gordon
RB: jamees conner
TE: Kelce
Flex: Mike evans

WR: AJ Green
RB: Alex Collins
RB: Lev Bell
WR: Demaryius Thomas
RB: Royce Freeman
RB: Chris Thompson

Don’t feel strongly one way or the other…but more blown away by your team…how do you get say ~6 1-3 round picks on the same roster!?

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@JoeSport Thanks for the advice. It’ll probably be a “game day decision”. I’ll probably try to ask Mike on sunday.

As for my stacked team–I know right lol. Only 3 of us take fantasy football seriously. And during the draft the others started drafting players they knew over the best player available.

Honestly, the Thompson/Freeman question seems pretty unimportant given how stacked your team is - when would you ever consider either over a Gordon and Conner/Bell pairing?

@JoeSport That’s a good point. When you put it that way, I guess it really doesn’t matter. The all have different bye weeks too. Thanks