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Who do I drop... Dalton or Luck


Been streaming QBs… Which one of these 2 do I drop and which 1 do I keep… DALTON or LUCK?


oooo that’s tough. Dalton’s got KC, TB then Bye. Lucks got Buf, Oak Bye. I’m rolling with Dalton


Yeah we have deep benches and dont play TE in my league so Ive had 3 QBs

Luck and Dalton have the same bye so i picked up Winston to play that week… But I wanna pick up Josh reynolds because I have Kupp and Im not sure how long he will be out…

Only problem is I dont wanna drop anything but a QB cause I like all my players lol


In that case I’d just forget about Reynolds. There going to utilize Woods and Cook more.


Either may have trade value before you drop.