Who do I drop... Dalton or Luck

Been streaming QBs… Which one of these 2 do I drop and which 1 do I keep… DALTON or LUCK?

oooo that’s tough. Dalton’s got KC, TB then Bye. Lucks got Buf, Oak Bye. I’m rolling with Dalton

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Yeah we have deep benches and dont play TE in my league so Ive had 3 QBs

Luck and Dalton have the same bye so i picked up Winston to play that week… But I wanna pick up Josh reynolds because I have Kupp and Im not sure how long he will be out…

Only problem is I dont wanna drop anything but a QB cause I like all my players lol

In that case I’d just forget about Reynolds. There going to utilize Woods and Cook more.

Either may have trade value before you drop.