Who do I drop for a kicker?

Hi Guys

I have made a bit of a mess of my team after having pick 12 in my draft. I am competing from Melbourne, Australia and would love some help!

I currently have no kicker so need to drop someone to add one for this week’s matchup.

It is a 12 team standard league. I must play 2 x RBs and 3 x WRs (no flex).
My RBs: McCaffrey, Lynch, Ajayi, Powell, K Johnson, Breida
Mr WRs: Hopkins, Baldwin, Amari Cooper, Sanders, K Cole, DJ Moore.

I am lost and any help would be great.

Thanks guys


Do you have two te or qbs? Stream those positions if possible.

Otherwise I guess Moore, though I would also be comfortable trading breida

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I agree with Nmahlman. DJ Moore has upside but I think you have more than enough wide receivers. RBs are valuable and especially with Ajayi’s lingering knee issues I would carry more RBs than WRs

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Thanks guys! Appreciate it

Yeah Moore for me too.

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