Who do I drop for jags DST? Sutton, Moore, Parker, or trequan?

Someone dropped the jags DST. I’ve got the bears but I like the look of the jags schedule if they can turn their playing around. I’m dropping one of those guys. Who should it be, Courtland Sutton, trequan smith, dj Moore, or devonta Parker?

I thought it was going to be close to a no brainer but I was putting in each guy for the week 9 start sit decision tool and noticed the footballers believe it will be, best play to worse, Parker, Moore, Sutton, then smith. I know this is weekly projections but I would have thought this to be smiths week. Should I be dropping smith??? Moore and Parker were the guys I literally just picked up after a 3 for 1 trade went through. (Sanders, Edelman, Ito for AB)

Tbh, I Would not even considering dropping any of these players for a DST. Ik the Jaguars sound great but all of the players listed are much more valuable. Each week the Bills offense will be a top DST :rofl:

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Lmao that is so true about the bills offense being the best dst. I’ve already got the bears dst but I was thinking of the jags have several matchups especially in the playoffs that look really nice. Our commish was toying with a superflex but didn’t add an additional regular flex, so it’s 2 wr 2 rb one superflex which is almost always a qb (damn you Derek Carr) so those guys would never ever ever come close to starting. This week obj is on bye so I will start one of them. Current roster set up is…

Qb -Aaron Rodgers
Rb- Melvin Gordon
Rb- mark ingraham
Wr-Antonio Brown
Wr-OBJ (bye)
Super flex- Derek “get off my roster” Carr
Te- gronk
Dst- bears

David Johnson (bye)
Marlon Mack (bye)
A ekeler
Trequan smith
C Sutton
D Parker
Dj moor

I’ve never played in a superflex league but seeing you were able to 3 for 1 to get AB. I think you should look for another 2/3 for 1 trade opportunity

Yea the guy was in a rough spot record, bye week, and injury wise. Maybe I could get a decent tight end out of someone, so I can watch them put up more points than gronk while sitting on my bench week in and week out lmao!
Out of those four guys, who would you start this week? I was genuinely thinking trequan smith because of his matchup but he was last according to the ballers
Thanks for the input.

DJ Moore would be my pick, he is going up against the defenseless Bucs.

I really enjoy trading with teams in a rough spot like the one you got AB in. That’s probably one of the easiest ways to improve our chances of winning the league championship.