Who do I drop for k/def

I have to drop 2 players this week In order to fill my kicker and defense slots

Full ppr. 2 QB league. Can’t drop Daniel Jones unfortunately because there are no starting qbs available anymore

Who is your other TE. Depending on who it is Graham would be one for me. I know he’s been fine but if you have a top guy you wouldn’t really need to roster two TEs. Might be a dumb question but if you’re not starting him in assuming you’re set at the position.

And if you have to probably Harris. Feel like he’s a boom or bust RB who is gonna lose a lot of goal line work to cam. He’s a good depth piece but if you have to drop two that’s the two i would pick

I have ertz who I have no confidence in but can’t drop. I had jimmy on my bench because I was considering starting him and to also block my opponent as well because he has waller who is on bye.

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Gotcha. That does change things a bit for sure. I’d probably start Graham over ertz. What’s the rest of your roster look like?