Who do I drop here?

Got the following on my bench:

Chris Thompson

Need to drop one for a kicker ahead of week 1 but I don’t want to lose any of them! Who would you guys drop? Don’t think I could face not playing a kicker and losing by a point.

On the surface I would drop DJax because one of those RBs will probably end up as a stud and WR is much easier to replace. But you have 4 RBs and only 2 WRs. Who are your starters at RB and WR? Which ever group is stronger would help answer your question.


Starters are:

QB: Allen
RB: Jacobs
RB Sanders
WR: Robinson
WR: Hilton
TE: Cook
Flex: Fuller

Think you could be right with Jackson but his opportunity is pretty massive given the injuries in Philly

Yes, I like him a lot given where you can get him but he has a small chance to finish the season healthy and you’ll end up dropping him at some point.

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Cool, thanks man. It was between him and Thompson for the same reason. Will hang on until next week in case the jags get a replacement for Fournette. If not, I’ll drop Jackson