Who do I drop in a shallow league?

I’m in an 8-man league. We play with 2 FLEXes but rosters still are not very deep at all. I held off on drafting a kicker and defense, instead grabbing Kerryon Johnson, Rashaad Penny, Chris Carson, Trey Burton and Adrian Peterson to end the draft. I need to drop 2 of them before week 1, and have no idea which ones to drop. Burton might have to go because I do have Gronkowski, but I’m high on him and hate to do it.

For the other player- do I drop Peterson and keep my stranglehold on the Seahawks backfield or do I roll the dice and drop Penny and hold onto Peterson’s upside?

Or do I just not pick up a kicker and hope for the best?

Carson is def a drop for sure. The second is hard. Do you have another TE? if so who is it?
If you have another I would look at trying to trade them and keep Burton maybe. I’m a huge believer in Burton this year.

Carson is gone. No interest in owning 2 pieces of an awful backfield. Go with the talent and hope they win out.

Depending on your situation, AP is gone. He’s a late round flier. People going all crazy over one pre season game. Pretty quick to forget after that one blow up game in Cardinals last year, he is was straight trash for remainder of the year. In a 12 man league, sure keep him but in an 8 man, no chance I’m rostering him.

And not sure why you have 2 TE in a 8 man league. Wasted drafted capital imo. But maybe Burton turns into a trading chip.

I am too but I have Gronk. Maybe I’ll try to trade Gronk/one of the RBs I mentioned for a WR1 because I am thin at receiver

Ugh, Trading Gronk hurts, but if you can turn Gronk and someone into a OBJ or someone like that that would be great I think