Who do I drop...please help?

Need to stream a TE for this week with Burton on his bye I hav no clue to drop everytime I drop a guy he gets takin and goes off…John brown after week 1 Enunwa now Ebron I’m about to not drop anyone and risk forfeiting the week cause I don’t want to lose any of my players and actually wanted to stash foreman as well cause my rb situation isn’t the best…I’m in a 10t full ppr redraft league…here’s my roster…

Dalvin Cook
Lat Murray

I would say chubb. He’s far from being a stater and only has 2-3 carries a game.

Godwin. You are losing nothing there with Winston back at the helm. Plus I am assuming you could pick someone else up nearly as good if someone grabs him.

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Any other guys want to weigh in?

Drop Andrew luck. I only carry 1 qb. Rams schedule looks pretty good until the playoffs

I feel like with the fact he has no d or run game I could trade him after like one or two more good outings like he’s had the last two weeks…right now he’s sitting at the 5th best QBs in my league and he leads nfl in passing yards and tds just imagine if he had an oline wit weapons?

That is true but that is not going to help you win this week and in a 10 team league qb are a dime a dozen I’m sure there are usable qbs in wavers

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That is very true

Generally I only carry 1 qb, but if your worried about it Chubb is droppable , and Godwin would be second

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