Who Do I Drop This Week?

Evan Engram is on BYE and I need a TE this week. I’m 5-2 and expecting a close matchup this week. What do I do?

On my bench I have Amari Cooper, Nelson Agoholor and Will Fuller.

That’s tuff. You have a good bench. I guess if you had to pick, Fuller. Just know who ever you drop your league will target. Idea… Look to trade one of those guys for a deal with a TE.

A agreed @godfather on this one. It’s a tough one but just know whoever you do drop will be gone forever.

Just make sure you drop them right before the games kick off, that way their waiver priority gets mixed in with all the other players and maybe, just maybe, you will get lucky and get to snag them back up.

Yeah I agree with @godfather can you make a deal for a TE? Also what TE’s are available on your wire? If someone like Hunter Henry or ASJ is out there I wouldn’t be entirely opposed to dropping Engram for them as they can be every week starters too…You MIGHT be able to get Fuller back because I just don’t see him having a big game this week against Sherman…so if I HAD to drop on of them it would be Fuller…

try to trade agholor or fuller for cameron brate. he’s a monster and consistently puts up numbers.