Who do I drop to add a kicker and do I need to trade up for a better WR?

Who do you think is the best option to drop for a kicker, and with Douggy B’s latest injury news about struggling with his knee all season should I try to trade him and a good bench player to get a better WR?

i guess i would drop clement your other rbs should be good

I keep wavering on Clement and Benjamin.

I’d probably lean Clement too. I wouldn’t hop off the Baldwin bandwagon until you see them play a game.

Love Clement’s Upside but he seems like the best choice here. You should know by week three if Benjamin is going to turn things around but he would be the second guy here i think. Some might say Manny Sanders but he and Keenum seem to have a connection.

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I’d bail on Baldwin. he’s on my do not drop list. bad knees are not a good thing.