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Who do I drop?


8 team PPR league, with Luck my only QB, I plan on dropping one of the following bench players to make room for a backup; D. McFadden, K. Britt, T. Coleman, M. Gillislee, & B. Powell…who do I drop?


Any way you could swing a 2 for 1 trade to get a bit of an upgrade and clear a bench spot? Maybe the Zeke owner would take McFadden and Gillislee for … something.


Don’t drop anybody just yet. It’s possible that Luck does indeed play week 1 in which case the answer is drop no one. Being in a 8 man league, there will be plenty of quality options at the qb position on the waiver wire.

Waiting may also help clarify the situations of your droppable players. If McFadden is in a committee in Dallas, he might be your answer.

If you have to cut somebody my first answer would probably be Britt, although I do think he will be just fine especially in a ppr. My only hesitance is that you list several rbs and just the one wr, so maybe you have a ton of rbs and need Britt for some depth. If there are quality options at wr on the wire (which there probably is given that it’s an 8 man league), then go ahead and dump Britt. But if you want to keep him and would rather cut a running back, I’m cutting Coleman or McFadden, depending on if you need McFadden as a fill in early this year.


I agree with @Harpersdad but if not I would drop either Powell or coleman, depending on your personal preference, I would lean Coleman just because of the offense and he has more potential to catch the ball, but Powell may be the primary back this year because old forte can’t handle it anymore so it’s kinda a toss up


Britt without a doubt…