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Who do I Flex Out of These 3


I have to decide who to flex and after listening to today’s podcast I’m even more confused…

  1. JJ Nelson
  2. Ebron
  3. Diggs



I’d just flex Nelson, if that’s yopur flex options then I think you’re doing pretty good as is, but I think Nelson has the most upside for you.


Nelson i feel has your higher upside and being a bigger player. Ebron is a safer floor. Diggs i feel is going to suffer until we know for sure Sammy Biscuits is coming back.


My WR are: Baldwin, K. Allen
My starting TE is Ertz


Ertz all day! That guy is going to be disgusting this season. I feel Baldwin might suffer a little this week.


I’m definitely starting ertz, I just dont know if I should flex ebron at the same time. Seems like a pretty good matchup considering the injuries to ATL defense.

I’m a big Lions fan so I want to make sure I’m not being blinded by my fandom