Who do i flex?

Half Point PPR

Cohen vs Pit
Pryor vs Oak
Diggs vs TB

I’m not touching Diggs

I’d go with Pryor because they’re probably going to be losing for most of the game and are going to throw the ball a lot.

I have Cousins too so I could have the double up on points… Thats what Im leaning towards… Keenum has had all week practicing with the 1s so Diggs may do better this week but im still scared to play him

Yeah I have Cousins and Pryor too and that’s what I’m doing. I wouldn’t trust Diggs until Keenum can be consistent and throw the ball down the field.

Cohen for me, unless I need to swing for the fences. Then Pryor.

reluctantly pryor. though cohen looks like an interesting play

I should handly win this match today I dont need to swing for the fences…I already had Gurley on thursday… Cohen and Pryor are my 2 hard ones to choose from

Turns out Diggs shoulda been who I played… FML

Yea. Definitely didn’t see that coming.

Count me in on that mind-blower. I would have definitely sat Diggs if I’d had him too. And…in fact I DID sit Thielen and played Rudolph. SMH

For everybody here playing Cousins and Pryor…I’m right there with ya. Best of luck y’all. I know I desperately need a BIG show from both of them!!!

Damn my team this year is so underwhelming. Pissing me the hell off

Right there with ya buddy. Can’t believe this season so far!!!

yeah im 15 points down with Cousins and Pryor left… He has Thompson and Marshawn playing… Fingers crossed cause they keep passing to Thompson damit lol… Its all good boys we cant be right about every call we make… Thanks for the help though

But hey my bench looks Promising lol… Hahahahah gotta love fantasy football

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