Who do I keep? (2 keepers)

Hi all,

Who do I keep… standard league (no ppr). We get two keepers. Here’s my potential keepers:

  1. Christian McCaffrey (I’m planning on keeping him for sure)
  2. Melvin Gordon
  3. Devante Adams
  4. Adam Thielen
  5. Kerryon Johnson
  6. Derrick Henry

I’m thinking McCaffrey and Gordon but do I let Adams go? Many others will likely be keeping their RBs and I feel like a good WR is easier to come across.

Roster spots are as follows:




CMC and Adams!

Not Adams. CMC and Gordon in any format, but especially in standard, and especially in a league where keepers are rb heavy. The falloff from Gordon to whatever rb2 will be left for you will be much greater than the falloff from Adams.

In a start 2 WR only league, def keep gordon and CMC. 2 of the top bell cow RBs is a huge advantage. And both are high reception RBs at that.

I would keep mccaffrey and adams. I think adams is the top wr, so I would keep him, only way I wouldn’t keep him is if u had someone like barkley, Elliot or Kamara on your team as well

Since it’s standard you have to go CMC and Gordon imo

CMC and Gordon. You’ve stated RBs will go fast. That means there will be quality WR available to draft.