Who do I keep Kupp or hopkins

2 keeper league. PPR
I plan on keeping Chubb but am having a hard time deciding between Kupp (25 to keep) and Hopkins(61 to keep). Hopkins is $36 more to keep than Kupp and I am struggling to decide if Hopkins is worth $36 more than Kupp. Kupp’s snap percentage as we know was very low at the end of the year but I believe they will find a way to get him more involved.

Just looking for some thoughts

Thanks in advance!

I’d go Kupp here for that much of a difference. Who knows exactly what the Rams are going to do but with Cooks gone there’s really only two top dogs and they’re both gonna see volume. Nuk is fantastic but he’s moving into a new system/coach from the one he’s known his entire pro career and that makes me antsy.

I’d still take Hopkins in a straight up 1v1 vs. Cupp but for $36 more I’m out.

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I concur with the above statement!