Who do I keep? Mahomes And who else?

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I guess I should lay out more info on our league structure. We have a MAX of 3 keepers and the keepers are not attached to where they were drafted the previous season (I have been in leagues where that was the case like if you draft Travis Kelce in the 9th round and you keep him you will then lose your 9th round pick in the draft) that’s NOT how this league is.
Ex - if I keep 3 guys then I don’t have a pick until the 4th round. If I keep 2 then I don’t have a pick til the 3rd round etc. if I don’t keep anyone I will have a first round pick.

Also we don’t know who else is keeping who until we all set our OWN keepers. The comish has set a deadline for us to turn in our keeper list but he’s not revealing all of the other keepers from across the league until after EVERYONE has submitted their keeps. Not sure if this is how other leagues are run or not but that’s how we do it.

3 keepers and I’m torn on who to keep. 1/2 point PPR and pretty much standard scoring besides that.
Mahomes, David Johnson, Damien williams, George Kittle, JuJu.
Mahomes is definitely one of the 3. So out of the rest who would be the 2?? David Johnson could break out this year with the new QB and coordinator BUT his o line is mom existent. Will D. Williams be THE GUY in KC? And is it worth keeping one of the top tier TEs in order to have the mid round pick to snag another solid flex player?? Any advice would be great! I keep over thinking it like I know everyone else does with these things!!

If it was me it would be DJ, DW, JUJU. Only way I’d keep a QB is if you had nothing at all, it was a 2 QB league, or it only cost a 14th round pick based on the previous year. If you are stuck on keeping PM I’d go DJ and Juju.


Its between juju and DJ for me. Juju is probably safer, same coach/qb/rb so hes alot less risky. DJ has a higher ceiling and RBs are hard to come by.

DJ then JUJU for me unless you feel you can get RBs

Good luck!

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D Johnson
G Kittle
J Smith-Schuster

Keep those three and enjoy your playoff spot.


I think juju and Johnson are guarantees for me, then I would decide between mahomes and Williams. I would personally keep Williams, but if u r locked in on keeping mahomes then I guess do that


Are alot of other QBs being kept in your league?

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