Who do I Keep

Hello everyone!!!

I am in a Keeper league and can keep 2 players. I lose the round they were drafted in. I have a few I am trying to decide between. Here they are:

Michael Thomas - 2nd round…this has been my keeper for the past 2 years which is why I got him in the 2nd.
Derrick Henry - 4th round
Aaron Jones - 11th round
Lamar Jackson - 16th round

Let me know what you guys think!!

I am leaning Thomas and Lamar…but keep debating on Henry.

Thanks in advance.


I think the value is too good for Lamar and Aaron Jones, those are basically throw away picks. That would be my vote.

I think your gut has the right idea to go Thomas and Lamar. You get a 1st round value in the second round with Thomas (would actually argue he’s the top WR this year) and you lose the last round for a QB that will likely go between 4-6 depending on your league. Get an RB1 in the first and third rounds and fill out your team from there

I feel like you def have to keep Lemar no matter what as I think you’re getting crazy value for losing your 16th round pick.

As for your other options, if you keep Thomas, you’re essentially getting 2 1st round picks. (1 for Thomas in the 2nd, and 1 for your actual first round pick).

You also have a better chance of Jones waiting for later on in the draft than Thomas, depending on where you draft from of course

I don’t think you can go wrong with Thomas and Lamar. Good luck this season

Thanks everyone I ended up going with THomas and lamar.

Do you know where you’ll be picking in the first round? If you think there’s a chance you can draft Thomas in the first anyway you could keep Jones and Lamar. But that comes with risk. My initial instinct is choosing Thomas and Lamar

I am the 11th pick…i actually changed my keepers to Thomas and Henry…no one is keeping 1st rounders so I would have missed on almost every top tier RB if I kept lamar. We shall see how it works out!!

What are your starting lineup requirements?