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Who do I keep?


8 team, Full point PPR. We play an OP instead of FLEX so I can play a second QB if I want(usually do), and we start 3 WR instead of 2.

I can keep 2 players, these are the ones I’m debating between: Odell in the first round, Gronk in the 4th, Brees or Dez Bryant in the 7th, Brady in the 9th, or Michael Thomas in the 13th.

I’m leaning towards Brees and Brady because that gives me two top 5 QB’s and leaves my first 6 picks open. But Gronk in the 4th is great too, as is Michael Thomas in the 13th. Thanks for your input!


If I were you, I would probably keep Thomas and Brady. Michael Thomas in the 13th is probably the best value you have and Brady is probably the better of the 2 quarterbacks (what with brees’s splits) and you get him later anyway. Keeping two qbs is definitely tempting but you can easily draft a great qb in place of brees, maybe not top 5 great, but qb production can be great from any qb on any given week depending on matchups. I would take Tom Brady and get some more picks at the more volatile positions.

Also, gronk in the fourth is great value but always scares me because he is just so risky. Good luck with your decision, hope this helps.


There will be a lot of disagreement, but if you keep Brady and Brees at those draft positions you will have a monster team.


Thomas and Brady for me. However keeping both QBs is enticing as well.