Who do I keeper...pick three

3-man keeper league… who do I keep?

Antonio Brown
Leonard Fournette
Doug Baldwin
Evan Engram
Jordan Reed
Kirk Cousins

AB, LEO & Engram.

Ab fournette Baldwin.

Doug should have lots of opportunity with a top 5qb

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He’s out right now. The rumor is he may miss entire pre season. Pump the brakes on Baldwin till further notice. We are looking elsewhere at the moment.

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What kind of keeper penalty?

AB and Fournette are locks. If there is no Penalty I think I would take a chance on Baldwin. Could have 2 top 10 WRs if Baldwin doesn’t miss any regular season games.

If there are no keeper penalties I would go with AB, Fournette and Baldwin. Hopefully it is nothing serious, right now they are saying he will sit out the preseason but will be ready for week 1. I would take the chance on him, the Seattle D will be awful this year so they will be throwing a lot, and he will get so much work with Richardson and Graham gone and no one else really brought in to take targets away from him.

Antonio Brown-for sure
Leonard Fournette-for sure
Doug Baldwin-Injured
Evan Engram- other keepers are better
Jordan Reed- health issues but hes 100% right now and A. Smith likes his TE’s
Kirk Cousins- For sure

No penalty.

With no penalty, chalk up another vote for Brown, Fournette, and Baldwin.

yeah pretty easy knowing no penalty.


even if baldwins injury persists, once he gets back out there he will be the guy for wilson in what will have to be a pass happy offense. thats the only concern for me though, is that he doesnt make it back. you dont win your leagues playing it safe the whole time though. so i still do it. count it as another vote for the 3.