Who do i pick up? Help

RBs: J. Conner, C. Thompson, A Peterson and Lindsay (This one is hard, probably Peterson or Thompson even doe, if bell sits this year out J. Conner, would be amazing)

WRs: K. Stills, G. Allison, C. Beasley, B. Marshall or N. Agholor (I am thinking G. Allison)

So i need to add a RB and a WR… I don’t need anyone start right now so someone with the biggest potential. Full PPR

Thank you!

I’m kicking myself for not picking up Chris Thompson Saturday night when I could have had him for free. Last year before he got hurt he was a top 12 RB in 1/2 or full PPR.

For WR I’m looking for Geronimo Allison, but only if I can figure out what the Packers want to do with Cobb. If Cobb is there and healthy, I’m much less interested in Allison.

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CT should not be on waivers in any league. Unless you’re in an 8 man league I guess. Not sure how he is even there. Especially in PPR format.

Allison is 100% worth an add if he is still there. again not sure why he is there. Any starting WR in a rodgers led offense is worth consideration. Rodgers clearly trusts him and even with Cobb there as the WR2, Allison has value because he is on the field for 3 WR sets which is what GB runs like 80% of the time.

I like Thompson, maybe Conner if you feel lucky, and Stills here. Allison would be my second choice at WR.

If COnner is still on your waivers, jesus christ please invite me to your league.


It is a 8man league… And I like Allison but I don’t know who to get between Conor and Thompson

Conner. Get Conner.

COnner > CT > Allison.

I’m shocked the Bell Owner doesn’t have Conner.

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Might just say fuck it and try to pick up both RB’s and no WR

That’s what I would do.