Who do I pick?

Someone just dropped Diontae Johnson in my league. I am trying to decide if I should stick with Mike Williams, or drop either him or Devante Parker to pick up Johnson. What should I do?

Personally, I’d drop Murray for him. But between Williams and Parker, I’d drop Williams. Parker does have injury issues, but he’s proven.

You WANT Diontae though. He’s a target monster.

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I get you. I do want to drop Murray but the fear of losing Kamara is too real! I know that if he’s gone Murray is plug and play. But yeah you’re right Diontae is a must-have

If you dropped Murray do you think anyone would grab him? I’m in a league where he’s still on waivers because Kamara seems indestructible this season.

Definitely. It’s only a 10 man league but RB depth is THIN. Dude just picked up L’amichal Perine…

I think you hang tight