Who do I sit?

Don’t know who to sit this week. Hopkins, Kupp, Hill, or Ekeler…as much as I don’t want to I feel like I need to sit Hill vs NE defense. Am I over thinking this??

Hill. He may not even play and it’s NE.

Agreed, I think you should go with your gut and sit Hill. It’s hard I know, but you’re on the right track. Hill is gonna get Stephon Gilmore for probably the entire game and he’s injured so he might not be his speedy self.

Obviously Hill’s health is the concern. However… I wouldn’t be too afraid of saying “It’s NE”.

Look at their stats closer and this is coming from a guy that owns the NE DEF and has relied on them HEAVILY to make it to the playoffs.

NE DEF against teams ranked in the bottom half of offensive production: 23.1 points per game
NE DEF against teams ranking in the top half of offensive production: 9.6 points per game

The majority of NE’s CRAZY games came against bottom ranked offenses. Their production against top ranked team is good, but not scary enough to sit someone as productive and electric as Hill.

I would sit Ekeler out of the group if Hill is healthy because the Chargers are dead set on feeding Gordon as much as they can. Ekeler gets his points late game when they have to throw, throw, throw. I don’t see that as an issue against JAX.