Who do I start at rb

Marshawn lynch, buck Allen, derrick Henry, or jamaal Williams

I’m sorry but those are gross options. You have them in order of how I would start them.

I’d go to the waiver wire because those are all gross and there’s guaranteed someone better unless you’re in a 14 team league.

If you have no choice Lynch and Henry but realistically you’re just praying for a td.

I should of put it’s a 16 team league my main rb is Todd gurley

ooooo okay, I was worried for you. Then I’d start Lynch. Bal Def is allowing 127.3 yds/g 8th worst. With Carr out they are going to run, a lot.

Yea that was my thought also. I got a trade offer of Crowell and Davis for lynch. It’s been a tough week I had Carson and mariota at qb and both went down

That’s not a good trade. 2 stinkers for 1 stinker. I’m trying to unload Crowell myself.

I’m hoping for a big game from lynch so I can drop him off my team is mariota, hill, Keenan Allen, funchess, gurley, lynch, graham, buck Allen, steelers defense this week. I’ve never played in a 16 team league it’s standard and it’s extremely hard to find players

Yeah 16 teams is hard. I’d hope for the best with Lynch and then sell high when you can.

Thanks for the advice