Who Do I Start At WR this week?

I am deciding between Hopkins(@Jax) and A.J. Green(@Min) this week at WR. Please Help! I keep going back and forth.

Both bad matches, I’d say Hopkins

nasty matchups. I would go Green just because JAX D will terrorize Blake more than Min D will Andy. But a very tough call.

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That’s tough! I’d say Hopkins slightly. He’s a target monster and it will only take one big play

3 replies so far and its gone back and forth, you can see my current predicament :sweat_smile:

Is AJ a must start? I am in the playoffs in both leagues and have him in both… i could start guys like D Adams or Funchess instead.

I might lean Hopkins in your case BUT AJ has gotten me this far :confused:

@Nmahlman it depends on how your match up with your opponent looks. I do no think AJ will go off but I do think he will get at least 14 in PPR. Funches probably has the higher chances of blowing up against Green Bay.

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I think you gotta go Hopkins. Green is going to get the Rhodes treatment. Not that Hopkins situation is any better but he should at least get peppered with targets. J-Stew did pretty well against Minnesota rush defense last week so Cinci may just try and run the ball a lot.

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@seth_caple Yes, thinking to start him in my ppr and go with funchess and adams in standard. I also have antonio as a WR1 - dont ask me how

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