Who do i Start at WR?

Im in PPR league.

My WRs are Brown, Crabtree, Green, Tate, and Dez.

I’m torn on who i put as my wr2 and flex spot. Obviously Brown is a start. But, Do i sit Aj green since the matchup is against Denver?


I would do Crabtree because it’s against NE.
The Broncos have been getting lit up recently but by better QBs than Dalton.

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Generally I say never sit Green, but your wide receivers are pretty stacked. I think you have to ride Tate while he is hot. Crabtree’s volume lately is concerning, but I think he is in a good enough spot you can play him over Green.

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Brown, Crabtree, and Tate were the ones i was leaning towards also. Correct, its usually a no-no to sit green. Im 2nd in the league so not a must win for me.


There is no way I sit Green. Cincy offense will be looking to get on track. They have a good defense going against the broncos that have brock and no run game. I see this game being a great script for Green. GL either way, your loaded at WR and understand you wanting ask this, but green is 4th best WR on the year and Tate is 8th. Crab is the 23rd and playing against a Pats team that has shut down QBs and allowing 1 QB last games to have only 2 TD’s. I would go BROWN, GREEN, TATE

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