Who do I start Doug Martin or Duke Johnson or Aaron Jones

I lost Cook and Montgomery last week…

Half point PPR … Should I start

Doug Martin vs NE… 1st game back on a short week so not sure how much work he will get

Duke Johnson vs NYJ… He’s been producing solid numbers and the Jets aren’t the greatest

Aaron Jones vs Cowboys… Montgomery Says he will try to play but I don’t see him being very productive and GB offense usually produces lots of chances…

Thanks for the help Footclan you guys are rock stars…

Duke Johnson is who I’d go with. Martin has too many question marks with this short week and the GB backfield is a total toss-up right now. With the current information, Duke Johnson is the safest play (and all those .5 pts add up).

Yeah right now I am leaning towards Duke… Martin has potential but I hate playing Thursday players… plus I think I might wanna see how he does before I start him… with my luck I will sit him and he will get 30pts cause the patriots D is awful lol

Only reason I brought up Aaron Jones is cause I got him in waivers and because of the chances he could get if Montgomery isnt 100% …

Was about to type up a topic on starting Duke or Martin. Both have great matchups but I have been leaning Duke. This will probably mean Martin gets 2 TDs on my bench tho.

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Tell you what… I will play Martin and you play Duke… And that way at least 1 of us will win at this decision lol


LOLOL…now THAT was funny Dingus!!! Got a great chuckle from it. Anyway…I’ve been posting about something a little similar. Got a trade offer today…his Fuller for my Duke. Pretty much decided against it instantly, but wanted to see what everybody here thought about it.

As for your situation Dingus…I’d go with Duke here for same reason. Pretty much guaranteed big production with him, whereas not as sure about Fuller his first week back, or with Martin on such a short week.

Well Martin got me 14.7pts… Fingers crossed Duke does well for you

Yeah…I think Martin surprised a lot of people. I reckon looking back on it now…it’s kind of like with a lot of other players. If ya got’em, ya gotta start 'em - PERIOD!!! Glad you went with your gut. Thanks for the finger-cross tho.

Since about a fourth of my team is on BYE this week (COUSINS, PRYOR, SANDERS AND KAMARA) I pretty much HAVE to go with DUKE…whether I think he’ll produce or not. (which I’m thinking he will) (LOL…keeping MY fingers crossed too…and my toes and arms and legs and eyes!!!..OK…not my eyes…but…well…you know!!!) LOL

Sorry Dingus…just realized that I forgot to add…"…even tho I know you didn’t mean the finger-cross for me specifically, but I’ll get in on the well-wishing if that’s ok."